Premier 6 Foot Mechanics PIT CART Toolbox (Highest Gauge Steel On Market)



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Our dealers pre-ordered the first 4 containers we produced. The next order comes out of production in 12 weeks. If you want one of your own, pre-order today! These will not be in stock again for some time as our customers nationwide are pre-ordering every order. This box is the newest to the line-up and $25,000 less than any other company!

New & improved stronger steel and a larger size! Now made out of 16 gauge metal instead of 23 gauge. Made in the USA!

Premier Tool Boxes, the Premier Outdoor line of professional toolboxes, are crafted to withstand the harshest conditions of a full-time mechanics environment. The Premier Tool Boxes brand brings you professional-grade tool boxes at D.I.Y. prices. Our tool boxes are ideal for industry professionals and home enthusiasts.

Our Background … Who We Are

Premier Tool Boxes was established in 2000 in Jacksonville Florida (right here in the good ‘ole USA!) when we saw a major need for a quality toolbox for our dealerships and dealer network. Our dealership continued to purchase cheap knockoff boxes that both broke the bank AND only lasted 1 maybe 2 years

Our business is mechanics. We live, breathe and are immersed in the life. While using our number one asset every day (our hands) we were in and out of our boxes daily. For 9-10 years we always found our investments going in the trash and our dealer network was having the same issue. There was not a quality product on the market that did not put you into bankruptcy. So Premier Toolbox set out to do what they do best, we decided to roll up our sleeves and solve the problem.

Our customers live the life, they are rough on their tools, use them everyday and hold some of the highest level positions in the USA. We had to build a box that would last, a box that would give the customers the peace of mind of knowing it would hold up to their toughest conditions. Our customers are airplane mechanics, motorcycle mechanics, mom and pop stores, federal government, Camping World, just to name a few.

After two years of product testing and R and D, Premier Toolbox released the first toolbox in 2002 to commercial customers only. From 2002 to 2016 the demand surpassed our expectations and selling out of every order. Sometimes our team would take pre-orders as much as a year in advance. This was amazing however, we were not able to produce our tool boxes fast enough in order to sell them to the general public.

We went back to the drawing board and figured out how to add another production run to our manufacturing and still offer the highest quality product on the market. In 2018 we finally were successfully able to catch up on all commercial orders and bring our Premier Lineup to both the residential user and commercial side.

There are never corners cut with our quality. From the white glove service our factory displays, to the custom shipping crate your box will arrive in, we never settle for just ok. This is why, if it has the Premier Toolbox name on it, it will come with a lifetime warranty. Our warranty is the nation’s best!

Please be aware, there are a lot of knock off versions of our box and many that are made out of cheap plastic and/or 24-29 gauge steel. These units cannot hold the weight ours can and will fall apart very quickly. Please do your research before purchasing other models. Price shopping with such an important investment is not the only metric. Please check the gauge of steel first.

Have questions? Feel free to stop by our Jacksonville, FL store, call or contact us today to learn more. We also offer financing, FAQs, pro services and so much more.  

We have the most unique shipping containers in the business. When you purchase from Premier we want to make sure your investment arrives to you in tip top shape. Every unit comes in a custom shipping crate. With our 3 layer protection each piece in insulated with packing foam, the layered by honeycomb protection and finished with a custom MDF crate signed sealed and delivered on a pallet strapped.  With 15 years of shipping mistakes we have invested HEAVILY into our shipping crates to make sure you the end consumer NEVER has a issue. We are proud to announce this has cut our shipping damage, claims and part request down by 98% and our Tru Premier Crate is something that will protect your investment.  Please note you may scheduled to pick your unit up in Jacksonville Florida and not ship it. There is still a packaging fee as all our units are custom crated so please contact us prior to purchasing to get a final price.
Bulk Orders – Please contact us… 


We do ship worldwide and can obtain a custom shipping quote and package deal for all bulk orders. Bulk orders must be purchased in 20 or 40 foot containers only.  Please email us for more information.

Lifetime warranty – Name says it all. When developing a storage system piece of mind was our top priority. Our manufacturing and quality is so top of the line we want to make sure our warranty is too. We are one of the only manufacturers to cover {Ball bearing slides, Caster wheels, Hydraulic lifts , Locking mechanism and the structure} to our warranty. Premier Toolbox has the nation leading warranty. If at any time parts are needed you can contact our customer support and they would be happy to assist

Product Overview


Manufacturer Premier Outdoor
SKU 6 Foot Pit Box
Dimensions 5.8′ Length x 4.13′ tall x 2′ deep
Net Weight 1200.
Shipped Weight 1800
Warranty Lifetime Warranty


Toolbox Construction


Shell Gauge 16
Drawer Gauge 18
Caster Channel Gauge 16
Color Black, Silver , Red, Orange,
Any Custom Colors Ok
Finish High Gloss Powder Coat
Lock Style Tubular Coded
Qty Side Handles 2
Work Surface Wood With Steel Top
Corner Trim Polished Aluminum