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Premier Big Offer Rules and Conditions

We won’t be beaten on price or we will pay you $15.000

Our prices cannot be beaten on Swim Spa or Hot Tubs on similar products or we will pay you $15,000. Similar products are defined below. The big offer price is only valid on new products purchased directly from a retail brick and mortar store in the United States only.

 Special considerations:

At the time of sale, we guarantee the lowest price from all companies selling similar swim spas and or hot tubs. A big offer guarantee does not apply to after-sale transactions.

Big Offer Guarantee is valid for United States residents only

Big Offer Guarantee is valid for those 18 years or older

Valid on new products only, sealed directly from the manufacturer, and sold at a USA retail location. No used and or secondhand products are allowed. Brick and Mortar stores only

No Hot Tub or Swim spa companies and those residents, employees working or affiliated with those companies selling similar products cannot claim the big offer guarantee.

A company selling similar products must have USA Intertek approval (ETL certification)

An ETL certification means that products have been tested to set safety standards. The certification comes from Intertek’s Electrical Testing Labs. Like UL, Intertek is an OSHA Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory with the goal of creating safe working and living environments. They provide assurance, testing, inspection, and certification services. On their website, Intertek states, we can help to ensure that your products meet quality, health, environmental, safety, and social accountability standards.

Our Big Offer Guarantee (Similar Products):

For a product to be considered similar, it must include all of the following features. Cannot be modified and or used and must come directly from the manufacturer with these features. The unit cannot be purchased and then altered by the customer or retail company. Must be factory sealed from manufacture with these options.

Swim Spas

  • Metal Frame ….. Included
  • Free local standard delivery Swim Spas*(1) ….. Included
  • ABS Bottom Floorboard ….. Included
  • Insulation inside acrylic ….. Included
  • Balboa USA Computer pack #1 Rated ….. Included
  • Balboa USA Heater Pack #1 Rated ….. Included
  • US Acrylic BY Aristech Surfaces #1 rated ….. Included
  • Lifetime Warranty*(2) ….. Included
  • Lifetime Chemicals*(3) ….. Included
  • Siding is made from Polyvinyl Chloride only ….. Included
  • LED Lights ….. Included
  • Exercise Equipment on swim spas ….. Included
  • Swim spas include a sound system / ….. Included
  • Swim Spa Wi-Fi Ready ….. Included
  • Swim Spas Spa Touch Balboa Screen ….. Included
  • Swim spas include a water aquatic boxing system ….. Included
  • Ozone ….. Included
  • Free Swim Spa Cover ….. Included
  • Retail Brick and Mortar location for product support
  • USA-made Swim Spa
  • No Spray foam taking up the whole cabinet for insulation

Hot Tubs

  • Metal Frame ….. Included
  • ABS Bottom Floorboard….. Included
  • Insulation inside acrylic ….. Included
  • Balboa USA Computer pack #1 Rated….. Included
  • Balboa USA Heater Pack #1 Rated….. Included
  • US Acrylic BY Aristech Surfaces #1 rated ….. Included
  • Free Cover ….. Included
  • Lifetime Warranty*….. Included
  • Lifetime Chemicals*….. Included
  • Siding is made from Polyvinyl Chloride only ….. Included
  • LED Lights Standard….. Included
  • Ozone ….. Included
  • Retail Brick and Mortar location for product support
  • No Spray foam taking up the whole cabinet for insulation
  • USA-made Hot Tub


(1) – Swim Spa Free local standard delivery – Standard Local delivery is defined as having a clear path to where a flatbed truck can back up to pad to offload. No fence, obstructions and or limitations for standard delivery can occur. This is a 1 man job located within 100 miles of our retail location in Jacksonville Florida. No crane and or multiple team members’ moves are not included in standard delivery.

(2) – Lifetime Warranty Please see Lifetime Warranty terms and restrictions by contacting the retail location. A limited lifetime warranty is component-based and a lifetime warranty is thus the lifetime of the product NOT the lifetime of the consumer. A lifetime warranty is nontransferable

(3) – Lifetime Chemicals – Please see Lifetime Chemicals Breakdown by contacting the retail location. Qty of chemicals will differ based on model and size of unit sold. For breakdown please contact our sales team. Lifetime chemicals are non-transferable

Think you have a model or product that you can compare against our Premier Lineup?

Please Email Us The Following Information and use Subject: Legal Team – The Big Offer
to Email Address: [email protected]



 Direct Link To Retail Store Product Comparing

Bill Of Sale From Retail Store Showing Total With Delivery

Model You Are Comparing On Our Website – Link

Document Showing Warranty and Chemicals as well as added options and features for validation

The Salesperson With Competitor You Worked With

Company Name Of Competitor

Copy Of Your Driver License of Person Claiming


Please note: once this information is sent and all information above is collected our legal team will validate all documents and comparisons. Please understand that this offer due to the size of the prize will be validated and investigated as legit. The typical turnaround time for a response from our legal team is 2-3 weeks pending validation from the company or product we are being compared to. Emails and or mail without all the items above will not be validated and will be discarded.  As you can appreciate with a legal team validating the outdoor company’s best promo ever done they are busy and will only process completed paperwork. Please send all info or they will not validate or contact you. Only completed information will our team contact you. It is YOUR responsibility to send the proper authentic documents.