Atlantis Goldrush Stone Siding Outdoor Kitchen

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This price is for this package in the image, We do have multiple options and cheaper options depending on what you are looking for. Please give us a call if you would like to design a different kitchen and or change items on this build. This kitchen is for sale AND is heavily discounted as a show model.

Semi-Custom Outdoor Kitchen
Made In USA Kitchens
Lifetime Warranty
#1 Rated

We are a full outdoor kitchen builder, No matter if you are looking for a custom outdoor kitchen or want to save a few thousand with one of the semi-custom kitchens we can meet your needs AND provide the best quality and warranty in the USA. This company was started solely because of the corners other companies were cutting to save a buck! We are consumers first and only products using the best quality components, with the best warranty at the best price.  We cannot wait to take your vision and make it a reality. Give us a call for any reason if one of our template-completed kitchens is not what you are looking for. We would be happy to design something that does meet your needs.

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Shipping Information

Premier Outdoor USA offers nationwide shipping for all products.  Kitchen Appliances – Frames – Hot Tubs – Outdoor Kitchens and even Patio Furniture. Our company saw a huge need for quality products at a fraction of the current market prices so we went into manufacturing in 2010.
Our team can deliver nationwide. From cross-country shipments to local deliveries, our process makes it easy for you get get the product of your dreams safely and quickly.  With a national customer base, we have made sure our customers are able to work with Premier Outdoor no matter what state. Our top-of-the-line products have won us national recognition and we want to make sure our customers are able to experience the Premier difference!

Dimensions & Specifications:

Frame Material – Aluminum

Structure Warranty- Lifetime Warranty

Appliance Warranty-

Lifetime Warranty

Cabinet Type-  Bar Extention Blank

Siding Type : Cement Board- Pre Installed

Dimensions: Call our amazing team for more information 904-374-4300

Appliances Included :
Premier Flame Grill
Premier Double Sider Burner
Premier Mini Bar Fridge
Premier 5.3 CU Big Fridge
3 Drawer Combo


Please note : All of our outdoor showroom kitchens are on clearance, looking for another color siding, countertop or even configuration? Please visit our custom page to build one today

Key Features

Ready to finish means you can create a completely customized outdoor kitchen

  • Quality construction with Cement Board can hold any countertop material you choose, Not cheap hardy board like other companies in the USA, and Siding pre-installed for fast assembly.
  • Lifetime Warranty on Appliances
  • Premium Siding (Stone / Aluminum)
  • Aluminum frame for lightweight assembly limits rusting

We only use the highest quality components and offer the best solutions allowing customers to build their dream kitchens at a fraction of the price. We offer siding, appliances, and everything you need to make your dreams come true. No matter if you are doing a weekend project or need someone to design your vision Premier Outdoor USA is a one-stop shop for all your needs. Give us a call if you do not see something you are looking for. We are here to help.

Looking For A Finished Design ? Visit Our Finished Outdoor Kitchens Page Today


Product Description

High-grade extruded aluminum, hollow backed with a base metal thickness of 1.77mm. Panel sizes from 1ft to 24 ft.

End of Use Recyclability

100% recyclable, the extrusion doesn’t contact any plastic elements.


Easy to maintain and cost-effective field repairs. Dirt and debris can be easily rinsed and washed off with a mild detergent depending on the frequency of build-up. No caulking or glue is required for the product.

Environmental Concern

The longboard can contain recycled aluminum. Production of aluminum billets sourced by Longboard uses hydroelectric power.


High impact strength. Due to their light weight reduce structural requirements and subsequent costs.


BV/D (Rear ventilated rain-screen), no need for caulking. Mechanical seals are used such as metal flashing and metal furring strips which are long-lasting.


Extruded aluminum does no oil can and will demonstrate extraordinary flatness and rigidity when installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Quality Systems & Testing

Flame spread Products are tested to meet or exceed ASTM E2768-11 and achieve class 1 fire ratings

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Mortarless Stone Panels With Authentic Curb Appeal

Versetta Stone Ledgestone Style offers a traditional dry stack appearance that complements so many styles of homes. With its staggered layers and rough-cut appearance, it offers visual balance to other exterior materials including brick, stucco and wood. (Actual colors may vary from those represented on screen.)

  • Mortarless, panelized design can be installed with screws or nails
  • Easy installation can be performed by a siding contractor or carpenter
  • Withstands freezes, thaws, winds and heat
  • Reduces installer fatigue with its lightweight aggregate materials
  • Each panel covers 2 ft2

Versetta Stone changed the rules on how to install stone walls with its mortarless stone panels. You’ll get a complete system that installs faster and offers the versatility to create stunning exterior and interior walls without the limitations of heavy traditional stone materials.

Built To Look Great In Record Time

  • Each panel covers 2ft2
  • Lightweight, fiber-reinforced concrete replicates authentic look and feel of stone
  • Tongue and groove system for perfect spacing every time
  • Installs with screws or nails, no scratch coat or metal lath needed
  • Built-in rain screen
  • No seasonal restrictions on installation
  • Wind resistant up to 110 MPH
  • Class A fire resistance rating, and passes freeze/thaw testing

Engineered For Outside. Right At Home Inside.

Versetta Stone mortarless panels come in a variety of popular styles and authentic colors. This gives you the freedom to create exterior stone walls that complement other cladding options, or build the perfect indoor accent wall or fireplace.

  • Enhance any style of home with a selection of on-trend colors and textures
  • Combine with other cladding including wood, brick and stucco
  • Use for exterior walls or interior stone accent walls, fireplaces, backsplashes and more
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The Premier Difference

Premier Outdoor USA started this business because of the normal outdoor kitchens and appliance company’s sketchiness. When shopping for a kitchen ourselves we found companies did anything possible to cut corners yet not support the end consumer. Our outdoor kitchens and all of our appliances are all top of the line, we use the thickest steel, highest quality components, and stainless steel OUTDOOR rated appliances. We want to make sure service issues and quality is not something any consumer has to deal with.  We use the highest gauge steel and each piece is manufactured with the highest quality process. We say this because other manufacturers are laughable what they consider a standard. We urge all customers to ask to see the inner workings of the outdoor kitchens we have in store. Make sure when shopping around you make sure you ask the important questions. Thus far in 5 years of manufacture, we have yet to have a warranty claim, manufacture defect, or structure or appliance claim. We pride ourselves in producing the highest quality kitchens on the market and we go the extra mile to make sure you have the quality you deserve when making a purchase of this size.


Let me tell you why we started this business! Finally, after 20 attempts to get a kitchen made I and the owner knew there was a better way! And we found it right …. wrong, this is not the storybook ending you think. We found an amazing company locally at the boat show, it had all the bells whistles we wanted in an outdoor kitchen. It had lights, it had a TIKI it even had a TV… it was amazing. The final ticket price was $32,000 and was delivered the next day … it was pretty ……  but that is where it stops.. it was only pretty. It was not built properly. See after a month, all the tiles were falling off. The appliances stopped working and then … IT CAUGHT FIRE..  See after I tried to do a claim I started digging … The appliances that came with this pretty kitchen were rated indoor only.  Shaun did you just say your outdoor kitchen had indoor appliances ( I sure did, the silly reader aren’t they all ?), I then saw the tile and stone that I was told was imported natural utility stone that they created was Formica board with maybe 1% stone that cracked nonstop and it does not end here. Moral of the story from structure to appliances we learned if this was the quality being put out for 30k then I need to build one for myself. That then turned to building for friends, then family then a full business.


WE CUT NO CORNERS, we sell only outdoor-rated appliances and our metal frames are so tough it can last a hurricane and lifetime warranty included. In our showroom, you will see our kitchen frames vs the others. When you buy something we expect you never to have to worry about it, You are NOT buying a “PRETTY”  kitchen from us, you are getting something practical and going to last!  Use our losses and misfortune to dip a little deeper into what we are saying before you purchase your next kitchen.  Our business is about ethics….. do not throw that hard-earned money away from someone in this business that is about price point, not quality.


We are consumers first so we do it a little differently. Our warranty, support, and products are top of the line and we make sure our after-the-sale process supports the end consumer like no other business.


Our family-owned business is about one thing – Customer support and allowing the most amount of people to experience the oasis of an outdoor kitchen. We do not want to offer you one outdoor kitchen, we want to be your go-to company for all friends, family, and generations to come. How do we do that? We not only walk the walk we talk the talk. We have learned that it’s not about the sales pitch but about the person. We do not sell products, we sell a lifestyle. We offer the best service and we are rated #1 by consumers. We have won many national awards because of our amazing quality and reviews. Make sure you stop by our state-of-the-art 100,000 sf showroom and grab a FREE glass of wine and FREE frozen drinks while you shop.

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